Todd Lamb
Todd's Plan
Reform Government Plan


We have to fundamentally change how the legislative session operates so we can better focus on the budgeting process and hold unelected bureaucrats more responsible for how our tax dollars are spent. Regaining control of budgeting will help further reform state government and make it more efficient with taxpayer dollars.

Education Plan


The status quo is unacceptable. Increasing money spent in the classroom is key to giving our teachers the pay increase they deserve. Oklahoma must improve its education system. We have to put parents back in control, maintain a focus on improving academic achievement, and reduce administrative costs so we get a minimum of 65% of every education dollar spent directly with teachers in the classroom.

Neighborhoods Plan


Where we raise our families is what really matters, and all Oklahomans deserve to feel secure in their homes and their neighborhoods. Whether it’s a sprawling rural area, a small town, or one of our metro areas, we must improve our communities.

Economic Growth Plan


Oklahoma must diversify its economy so we are no longer at the mercy of fluctuations in the world’s commodity markets. Energy and agriculture remain the backbone of our economy. Todd Lamb is uniquely qualified to focus on economic development and recruitment of new types of businesses and jobs to our state.

Work Plan


Work is what it will take to make Oklahoma better. Our citizens deserve a government that works, an education system that works, and our students must be prepared to work. Todd Lamb will work with Oklahomans from every corner of the state to be a part of tapping into our unique pioneering spirit to renew Oklahoma for the next generation.

We Must Renew Oklahoma!

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