Todd Lamb’s Commitment to Oklahomans

Paul Joseph | KECO 96.5 | May 8, 2018

Saying he’s committed to being the voice of the people of Oklahoma and not the voice of government, Todd Lamb wants to be the next governor of Oklahoma.

The current Lt. Governor, Lamb who is a Republican, has been in his current seat since 2011 succeeding Jari Askins.

Lamb, arguably the most popular candidate that’s thrown his hat in the ring for the top state spot, was a member of the Oklahoma Senate from 2004 to 2011. His fellow Republican state senators elected him Majority Floor Leader, the second highest ranking state senator behind the Senate President pro tempore.

He’s the son of Norman Lamb, a former state Senator and the former Oklahoma Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The younger Lamb known for his staunch support of tourism, known to visit each county in the state every year on behalf of tourism, conducting travel and tourism summits whenever he can.

Lamb serves as the chairman and voting member of the nine-member panel which is legally tasked with oversight of the state’s tourism department.

With such a highly visible, public life, what do Oklahomans not know about Lamb that he’d like for them to.

A number of Republicans, Democrats and even Libertarians are seeking the governor’s job in the November 6 general election. It’s a race that tops a ballot that includes a host of congressional, statewide and legislative races.

And the next governor will inherit a dismal state budget following years of falling energy prices and state tax cuts that have zapped the funding for public schools, transportation and economic development.

Is Lamb ready for the stressful task?

His plan to ignite the Oklahoma economy is called Renew, what he calls a five-letter word serving as the framework of his vision for Oklahoma.

Reform, education, neighborhoods, economy and work.

Lamb, an Enid native, and his wife Monica, a school teacher, have been married 22 years and have two children, a boy and a girl.

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