Todd Lamb speaks to Stephens County GOP

Megan Prather | The Duncan Banner | March 12, 2018

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Lt. Governor Todd Lamb made a stop in Duncan Thursday night for a fundraiser at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. He also found time to speak to a gathering of Stephens County Republicans where he expressed his frustration about the trajectory of the state.

“The reason I go to all 77 counties every year is because it’s in my DNA,” Lamb said. “I’m a rural guy, I’ve got a firm conviction that if we’re going to have a thriving growing state we must have a thriving growing 77-county state. The sun doesn’t rise on Oklahoma City and set on Oklahoma City everyday, the sun rises and sets on all 77 counties. I go to every county every year to keep my finger on the pulse and hear what the issues are facing Oklahomans.”

Lamb, an Enid Native, worked as a special agent for the U.S. Secret Service before his election to the State Senate in 2004. He was elected as lieutenant governor in 2010. He said that he’s been frustrated in that role, which is one of the reasons he’s running for governor.

“I’ve had a front row seat to this mess and a very limited capacity in this role,” he said. “With super majorities should come super ideas and vision. Our people are scattered and confused. We don’t have super ideas, we do not have super vision in Oklahoma and I’ve been very frustrated.”

Lamb said he believes that Oklahoma’s lack of a solid plan has contributed to state’s current position.

“We are in much of a mire we are in in Oklahoma because we’ve had no plan and we’ve certainly had no backup plan. My goal as governor is to renew Oklahoma,” he said.”

Lamb said he thinks it will take a proven conservative to implement the changes the state needs and discussed his RENEW Oklahoma plan.

“Renew is a five letter word and serves as a five-point outline of my detailed agenda,” he said.

 The “R” is for reforming and restructuring the state government, beginning with the legislative budget process which Lamb said is antiquated and out of date.

The “E” is for education and he said that increasing money spent in the classroom is key to giving teachers a pay raise. He wants to reduce administrative costs so a minimum of 65 percent of every education dollar is spent directly with teachers in the classroom.

The “N” involves improving communities in regards to safety with the second “E” standing for economic growth. Lamb says that energy and agriculture remain the backbone of the state economy, but Oklahoma must diversify to avoid being at the mercy of what he calls fluctuations in the world’s commodity markets.

Finally, Lamb said the “W” stands for work.

“If Oklahoma was a business and we called that business Oklahoma Incorporated, the board of directors would want to fire somebody. If we had a business called Oklahoma Incorporated, the shareholders would be livid with the product we’re receiving considering the investment being made,” Lamb said.

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