Lieutenant governor stops in Duncan with proposed action for Oklahoma

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By Andy Morphew

A proven leader and a detailed plan is something current Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb is using to take action in his 2018 campaign to become the next Oklahoma governor.

Lamb, a native of Enid, stopped in Duncan and Stephens County, but this trip was with a special purpose to talk about the future of Oklahoma.

Elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 2004 and lieutenant governor in 2010, Lamb has made a point to include his family background and his trips to all 77 counties as a basis for what Oklahoma needs.

Lamb, when deciding to take action, took time with his family to make the decision to run and has made sure they are on board.

“I decided to run for governor after talking to my wife of 22 years. My point is it wasn’t a forgone conclusion, it was a family discussion, while talking to my kids about it,” Lamb said. “I arrived at the decision to run for governor because I have become very frustrated at the condition of our state.”

With his campaign for governor, he has created an acronym to signify the plan he has created. His slogan is RENEW Oklahoma: Reform and restructure the state government, Education funding and reform, Neighborhood and community, Economic diversification, and Workforce development.

Lamb has said the next governor should have a detailed plan, and his background has proven that a plan is the best course of action.

“There are a lot of details in my plan, and I think the next governor of Oklahoma should have a detailed plan,” Lamb said. “That stems from my background as a former Secret Service agent, and while I was in, I had to have plan, which was full in details, and also have a backup plan.”

Along with his proven leadership in the State Senate and in his current job, Lamb has seen several ideas in the state that he has liked, including the Step Up Oklahoma plan movement.

While Lamb has said the plan was made up of residents in the private sector, he said the plan has some good information that could help Oklahoma move forward.

“One of the key aspects in the Step Up proposal is to create an office of budget oversight and accountability, and I think that is long overdue in Oklahoma,” Lamb said. “Some of the things I like about Step Up was some of the reforms, while also increasing the strength of the executive branch to oversee state directors and offices.”

As part of his trip to Duncan, Lamb visited with several manufactures in Duncan as part of one of his plans of action to diversify the economy in Oklahoma.

Lamb said Duncan and Stephens County have some bright spots and they’re special places with a lot going on for the community at large.

“Duncan is a special place and Duncan has a very strong economic base in oil and gas and agriculture,” he said. “Something else that is important is that Duncan has a diversified economy, and these companies I have talked to today are having people around the country and world come to Duncan and invest in Duncan, which is important to Oklahoma.”

In the final months leading up to the June primary for his party’s nomination, Lamb said to move Oklahoma forward, he hopes to prove he is a proven leader.

“I have a detailed plan and that is engrained in me to have to have that plan and a backup plan to diversify the economy,” Lamb said. “I have been a proven leader and have plans to move Oklahoma forward.”


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